Confessions of a Hunter: A Coon Hound He’s Not

By Andy Anderson

In elementary school, one Friday each month the entire school would assemble in the auditorium to watch a movie.

We watched all sorts of movies, about wildlife adventures or some other inspiring plot that we could all relate to in some way. I was in fifth grade and it was the last movie of the year before school let out for the summer.

We all sat down and got quiet as the lights dimmed and the flickering light of the projector lit up the screen.

The movie that day was “Where the Red Fern Grows,” a great movie about a young man who worked hard to achieve a goal, his dream of getting a pair of hunting dogs.

I remember being captivated with the dogs and coon hunting. It looked like fun and I wanted to do it in a bad way. I went home to talk to my dad about it, I wanted a coon dog so bad.

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