Bobby Dove: Western jeweler, artist

Bobby Dove with his wife, Kay. (Courtesy photo)

For generations, cowboys have inspired determination, passion, hard work and respect. These characteristics make up what Bobby Dove calls the ‘real cowboy’ and they serve as his muse as he brings the western way to life through his custom paintings and jewelry.

“There is a difference in a cowboy and a real cowboy, and you can tell the real ones. They are dirty, they work hard and they are good at what they do,” said Dove. “They are all different and have a brand of their own, and of course they love horses. That is where I get my inspiration to paint.”

Dove’s love for art appeared early on in his childhood. Born and raised in Wichita Falls, he was one of four children to John and Lillian Dove and the only boy.

“I had to fight my sisters off to claim my territory because they were always three against one, and usually the women win,” laughed Dove.

He describes his childhood as ideal, with many good times in a neighborhood full of other children. He attended grade school at Queen of Peace, and it was there his love and talent for art emerged when he took first place in a contest that required students to carve a picture on a bar of soap during his first-grade year.

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