By Barry Whitworth, DVM

Recent events such as African Swine Fever in China, Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea at the Oklahoma Youth Expo and Virulent Newcastle Disease in California have shown how vulnerable livestock operations and events are.

These and other diseases could have a devastating impact on livestock producers in the state. The best defense against these threats is a good biosecurity plan. If producers do not have a biosecurity protocol, they need to develop one and if they have one, they should review it.

What is biosecurity? “Bio” is life and “security” is protection. Biosecurity is the development and implementation of management procedures to reduce or prevent unwanted threats from entering a herd or flock. The protocol is designed to reduce or prevent the spread of these threats through the herd or flock if a pathogen does enter the herd or flock. Lastly, a biosecurity plan is designed to prevent the threat from infecting neighboring livestock operations.

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