Texas Town Embraces Dublin Dr. Pepper Bottling Company

By Michelle Ames

Dublin Bottling Works, once the Dublin Dr. Pepper Bottling Company, was known for decades as the only Dr. Pepper Bottling Company to still use pure cane sugar instead of cane syrup. They dropped Dr. Pepper in 2012, after a lawsuit stating Dublin was selling their much sought after soda outside of their territory.

However, their story certainly did not stop there, and both Dr. Pepper lovers as well as craft soda lovers can visit and tour the bottling plant, Old Doc’s Soda Shop and the museum.

Dublin had been bottling 1891, and they have amassed a huge amount of Dr. Pepper collectives during the years, all of which are displayed in the museum. The town of Dublin loved Dr. Pepper, and it was affectionately known as Dr. Pepper, Texas before the split. Now, the town has embraced Dublin Bottling Works.

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