Suspensory Ligament Injuries

By Garrett Metcalf, DVM

The suspensory ligament is an important structure to the locomotion, soundness and support of the lower limb of a horse. It is a common tissue that can become injured acutely or sustain chronic injury over time that eventually causes lameness. Horse owners are typically aware of the suspensory ligament but don’t always understand the importance of the structure and what it does biomechanically for the horse. This article will cover anatomy, biomechanical function of the suspensory, types of injuries and treatment options.

Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Suspensory Ligament

The suspensory ligament is truly named as a muscle called the interosseous muscle because it often contains muscle fibers, but it has evolved to act more like a ligament than a muscle. The suspensory ligament can be divided into three sections.

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