Running Barrels Tropical Paradise Style

Kasey Kono-Badoyen and Dawn. (Photo courtesy Kasey Kono-Badoyen)

By Janis Blackwell

That’s right, faithful readers, this month “Equine Superstars and Everyday
Heroes” is going tropical and taking a look at what it’s like to run barrels in the tropical paradise of Hawaii. Who even knew barrel racing was a popular horse sport in the islands?

Well, now we know, so let’s look deeper into the story of Kasey Kono-Badoyen and her horse Benny, a 17-year-old grade gelding whose breeding is a blend of appaloosa and quarter horse.

Badoyen said her very perceptive mom saw early on the connection between her young daughter and horses. That connection was evidenced by the fact that any time she was near horses her smile was so big you couldn’t
help but notice. Mom made a way for Badoyen to begin riding English where she competed in hunter/jumper classes and some dressage, but longed for something more.

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