Natural Disaster is No Competition for the Sport of Rodeo

Photo courtesy Phillip Kitts

By Phillip Kitts

2019 will most likely go down in the history books as one of the roughest springs. The wild weather pattern that has plagued the north and northwest with unusual snow patterns and extreme colds matched by record rainfall across the Midwest has made for a really rough year for many. Add to this the massive number of severe thunderstorms that have made their way across the Midwest and South. Many of these storms carried tornadic activity and caused damage and death in several states.

Our team alone has seen the effects of this wild weather pattern. We were caught in below zero wind chills in South Dakota, which made our vehicle inoperable due to the extreme cold. Twice this spring we have seen the rainfall affect our schedule. In a rodeo in Oklahoma we had a canceling in the last performance due to rain, and, as of late, we were lucky to make it into our assignment in Arkansas thanks to the flooding.

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