Pistol, Never Leave Home Without It

By Andy Anderson

Every August hunters start to get back into the woods, prepping fields for food plots, filling feeders and cleaning-out or setting up stands. I was no exception to this other than I really never stopped going into the woods.

I had my feeder set up and running it year-round simply because I like to hunt hogs when I’m not after deer. This particular year I had acquired a 4-wheeler that allowed me to access much more of the ranch and carry more stuff deeper into the woods.

I usually always took my rifle with me or at least a pistol just in case I ran across a coyote, pig or Sasquatch. I mean you just never know what you’ll run across in the woods. However, it always seemed like when I had a gun with me, I didn’t see anything, but when I forgot it, I saw all kind of critters.

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