I Left the USA Again

Pepper Stewart with his wife in front of Leeds Castle in Kent. (Photo courtesy Pepper Stewart)

By Pepper Stewart

First, let’s take a look back at a little story from 2014 and now an update.

We never take group tours, just grab a map, pin some places and go. Most of June 2014 my wife and I took a little trip to England. Yes, the country. Like most Texas cattlemen, I have not had the opportunity for worldwide travel, as there are always cows needing tended to and horses to feed. During my rodeo days, the extent of my travels was Texas (13 hours to cross) and Oklahoma, but nothing like what I was about to experience.

For those who have been to England, or travel the world often, this might seem silly to you, but for me it was scratching a lot of firsts off my list. During our travels we stayed in a few places from downtown London to spending time in York, then in North Yorkshire on a sheep and cattle farm. From the people we stayed with and others we met, most of them were nice and got a kick out of the Texas accent.

With my wife being a history buff, this was mainly a trip to places off the beaten path. We walked through castles filled with history. Some were just ruins, and others had been well maintained with people still living in them.

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