Farm Bureau’s School Visit Program Deemed a Success

By Judy Wade

Why do all farmers wear overalls? What does “cattle” mean? Does chocolate milk come from brown cows? Is cotton candy made from cotton?

These are real questions asked by elementary students when the subject of agriculture is introduced in their classes. Ag in the Classroom is a nation-wide program first introduced to Texas schools four years ago, but this is the first year this segment, the School Visit Program, has been implemented in the North Central Texas area.

“Through the School Visit Program, we introduce the crops grown in Texas and meet real farmers and ranchers through the magic of video,” explained Jett Mason, Director of Educational Outreach for Farm Bureau.

Presenters go into the schools to share a multifaceted program that brings the world of agriculture to young minds by helping students in grades one through eight see the world where their food is grown and how farmers and ranchers touch their lives daily.

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