When a City Girl Goes Country

Annette Bridges at the farm in Tioga, Texas. (Photo courtesy Annette Bridges)

By Annette Bridges

Three things I love most in the world are getting pedicures, wearing lipstick and smelling fresh cut hay. Who would have thought it? I certainly had never given much thought about the smell of any type of grass until I spent time with my honey hauling in coastal square bales.

My love for pedicures and lipstick is no surprise to those who know me well. I doubt anyone has ever seen my lips without some sexy or bold hue, and I can assure you no one would ever see me wearing flip-flops without my toenails donning some fashionable shade.

Wearing lipstick has long been a must-do fundamental of my life. In fact, even on those rare days when I don’t immediately put on my make-up, my lips are coated with moisturizer and tint.

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