Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

By Rayford Pullen

The lady at the local newspaper office took the ad for “cattle for sale,” and with a bewildered look on her face asked the other ladies working there if they had ever seen cattle with little ears, but no one had. One had actually seen goats with little ears at the stock show, the Lamancha breed she thought, but she wasn’t sure.

When asked why she would even ask that question, she replied that a gentleman had come in to place an ad for 10 bred heifers for sale, mostly black with a little ear and she had never seen or heard of cattle with little ears. I guess we do speak a different language in this business.

With the weather extremes seen around the county this winter, we’re pretty lucky to live in this neck of the woods. While we had a long and wet winter, spring is now here and bringing with it the grasses and legumes we have been longing for. This also was the first time in my lifetime our pastures and fields were too wet for the grasses or cereal grains to grow.

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