Foal Diarrhea: A Smelly Situation

If you notice your foal is lethargic, depressed, has decreased nursing vigor or is running a fever, the next step is calling your local veterinarian to be examined. (Photo courtesy of Garrett Metcalf)

By Garrett Metcalf, DVM

This time of year is a wonderful period when new life is brought into the world for many farmers and ranchers, especially those foaling horses. After counting the days, preparing the barn and many sleepless nights, for some the hard work has paid off and a new foal is in the stall waiting.

You have done your homework on all the milestones a foal needs to meet to have the best start to life, and the foal meets them all with no problems. The following day or two you notice the foal has loose stool on its tail and is not as active as it should be. The questions start flowing, and the biggest one is “What do we do now?”

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