Confessions of a Hunter

Uncle Booger is a Booger

Andy Anderson’s nephew, Hunter Hartman, is all grown up now. (Photo courtesy Andy Anderson)

By Andy Anderson

My oldest sister’s first born child, Hunter, was just at the age of sounding words and so close to saying his first word. The ever involved and trusting uncle that I am, I was helping Hunter say his first word.

He was sounding boo really well so I just capitalized on current progress. In just a few minutes I had Hunter saying booger really well, and he was so excited to say a word he just kept saying it over and over and over.

Proud of myself to have contributed to my nephew’s vocabulary and opening the door for his ability to further his education, I slipped on out the door after my sister returned home.

It wasn’t long before my sister tracked me down and let me have it. She told me she would get me back and she did. I was from then on known as Uncle Booger to all my nieces and nephews.

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