Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

By Rayford Pullen

I’ve always liked the saying “It’s ok to be in a rut if you are headed in the right direction,” and it seems that sometimes we’re in that rut but cannot figure out which direction we are headed. That’s why another favorite saying “Don’t get so busy chopping trees that you forget to sharpen your ax” also reminds me just because we have it figured out today doesn’t mean we’ll have it figured out tomorrow because of this rapidly changing world. In other words, where are you going and how will you know when you get there?

I’ve been waiting about six months for spring to arrive, and as I’ve mentioned in prior articles, April 15 is normally my favorite day of the year due to the abundance of grasses and legumes in our pastures. Winters seem to get longer and longer each year, and the cost associated with supplemental feeds and proteins seem to get larger and larger, so in the meantime, we’ll concentrate on getting the most out of the livestock we raise so we can do it all over again.

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