Loropetaum will make you a daydream believer

By Norman Winter

Purple Daydream will capture your heart and probably make you forget all other varieties of loropetalum. I’m growing it with October Magic orchid camellias, Autumn Jewel azaleas and Gold Mound chamaecyapris, and its graceful and elegant habit just screams “look at me.”

Purple Daydream reaches about three feet tall with a slightly pendulous spread three to four feet wide. The deep purple foliage is ever present and, of course, loads up with a bounty of iridescent purple flowers in the spring, repeating throughout the year.

I remember 18 years ago as a horticulturist with Mississippi State University where we selected Burgundy as a Mississippi Medallion Award Winner. While this variety was superior at the time, it longed to reach 12-feet in height. If we could have dreamed then it would have been for Purple Daydream.

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