Expecting Mares and Newborn Foals

By Garrett Metcalf, DVM

The time is here, and talking about taking care of newborn foals is upon us. Owners, breeders and trainers have waited nearly 11 or more months to see what their hard work and dedication has provided them and the time to be prepared is before the foal has arrived.

There are many key steps and preparations to be aware of to make the foaling process a success and to obtain a healthy foal. This article will highlight the key aspects of the foaling process and aftercare of the foal in the first hours and days of life to help ensure a healthy foal.

As the time nears for the foal to arrive, the level of excitement and fear becomes more real for horse owners. If you have experienced watching and waiting for a foal to arrive, you may already know not all mares follow the rulebook.

The average gestational length is 342 days for a mare give or take, with a range of 320 to 365 days before they foal. Breeding dates are helpful to get a rough idea when the foal may arrive but certainly not going to help pinpoint a specific date or time.

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