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Ozark Empire PR Rodeo Tie Down Slack. (Photo courtesy Avid Visual Imagery Rodeo Photography)

By Phillip Kitts

The sport of rodeo has a history as rich as the great United States of America. It is often discussed how much the sport of rodeo is truly an American original. Since countries like Brazil, Australia and many others have a lineage that runs parallel to what we consider the “Cowboy Sport,” there is question about where it all began. Other country’s events may not have started the same or have the same fundamentals, but the competitive result is a mirrored conclusion.

The origins of American rodeo are clouded on how exactly it started. Several events around the country claim they had the “first rodeo,” and proving that to be a fact could be next to impossible. One theory, and one that the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association leans toward, is the sport originated with the Spanish Vaqueros who brought their events and versions of rodeo to the U.S., which was passed on to the American Cowboy.

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