Equine Stifle Problems and Injuries

Equine stifle injuries should be taken seriously. (Courtesy photo)

By Garrett Metcalf, DVM

No horse owner wants to hear their horse may have a stifle injury, but hopefully when it does occur you can rest a little easier after reading this article. There is a fair amount of misnomer and hearsay about what it can mean for the horse if they suffer a stifle injury. It used to be common thought when a horse was “stifled,” that the horse’s career was over, and the horse was unusable, but that stigma about a stifle injury is no longer true.

The stifle is one of the most complex joints horses have and a large contributor to the locomotion a horse needs to perform and do large amounts of work in the hind limbs. The stifle, no doubt, has its own set of problems, but veterinarians have grown to understand this joint and its problems much better in the recent decade or more through research, advancement in diagnostic techniques and treatment options.

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