Behind the Chutes: Thoughts from a Rodeo Wife

Logan Corbett hopes to re-enter the playing field this month at Rodeo Houston. (Photo courtesy Lacey Corbett)

By Lacey Corbett

“Houston, Houston means that I’m one day closer to you.”

Do these lyrics ring a bell? The words and the melody to this Larry Gatlin country song have been stuck in my head for the last three months. The singer is really referring to his sweetheart, and Houston is the last stop on his tour. Houston plays a much different role in our current situation; it’s the first stop on Logan’s, my cowboy husband, rodeo tour, and it’s a big one.
Last year was the first time Logan earned the opportunity to compete at Rodeo Houston.

I remember the time of year perfectly. Conlee, who was one at the time, and I had pulled over into a shopping center parking lot so we could “watch Daddy ride buckies” and live stream the performance. It wasn’t quite Logan’s turn yet, and I had her sitting in the front seat on my lap so we could watch the action unfold on my phone. Like toddlers do, she started crying, uncontrollably in fact.

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