Serving the Square

By Mandi Dietz

With time comes change and a melting pot of old and new, creating a destination to rediscover.

Most small-town squares, downtowns, and city centers these days resemble that of Parker County, with business offerings and bustle a bit different than that of its heyday.

Once the go-to place and one-stop shop for everything from groceries to feed, household items, hardware, entertainment and socialization, the Square now offers an unforeseeable blend of tradition and trendy, past, present and in between, with a mix of old-timers, fancy eateries and generous space “for lease,” making room for a new crop of trade.

Some seasoned residents and visitors take it as a hard pill to swallow, while others welcome and celebrate change.

Evolution seems inevitable in a growing community, but the hope to maintain heritage remains. Even if they give it a whirl, it’s nearly impossible for younger generations to visualize the Weatherford Square in all its glory.

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