Behind the Chutes: Thoughts From a Rodeo Wife

I’m a planner. I feel like I must have a daily, weekly, monthly and even a yearly agenda. I have to-do lists, daily schedules and calendar reminders. No matter how organized and prepared you think you are, life loves to hand you curve balls.

Just when we think we have our lives in order, God says, “Trust Me more,” and sends something unexpected our way. That’s exactly what happened in our family last August when we were given not one, but two curveballs.

The first one happened the beginning of August when my husband, Logan, was stepped on by a bucking horse. The blow tore both labrums in his hips and ended his rodeo season for the year. He was sitting 17th in the world,
just two spots away from being in the top 15. If you follow rodeo, you know how important it is for a guy or girl to secure their spot as one of the top 15 competitors in their event at Sept. 30.

They punch their ticket to the National Finals Rodeo, the Super Bowl of the sport, and compete for 10 nights under the bright lights of Las Vegas. We didn’t know it then, but his ticket was torn in half the moment that horse
planted his feet on Logan’s back.

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