Windmill Grill, Saint Jo, Texas

The Windmill Grill is located on the square in Saint Jo at 201 E. Howell St. (Photos by Shannon Gillette)

By Shannon Gillette

The two main elements for a great burger joint are, well, the burger and the joint. The Windmill Grill in Saint Jo, Texas, certainly has both aspects

First the burger. Burgers are all they do, and they do them well. Don’t come in expecting to find anything else on the menu other than a good old fashion hamburger, made fresh while you wait, cooked to order by the proprietor, Walter Smith. Add chips and a drink, and you have yourself an
awesome lunch deal that doesn’t break the bank for $8.

Then there is the “joint.” The Windmill Grill is located just about a half a block off the town square, across the street from the bank. What makes the building and location special is its history.

It was once the garage of the Scott Brothers Hardware Store, a staple in Saint Jo for about a century. But the real connection is that Scott Brothers was established by Smith’s great-grandfather and then handed down to his grandfather.

Now, Smith, proudly operates a first-class burger joint on the premises.

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