Cotton in Crisis


By Judy Wade

According to the National Cotton Council, in 2017 Texas farmers planted 6,900,000 acres of cotton and harvested 5,500,000 acres yielding 9,270,000 bales. If two north central Clay County farmers are any indication, those figures will be much less for the 2018 yield.

Dewayne Davis and Johnny Harding are both third generation cotton farmers and share the same findings about the low yield for 2018. “Wet weather prevented us from planting when we usually did, and then the dry spell hit,” according to Harding. Davis agreed, saying, “Dry weather kept the cotton from coming up, and in the places it did, the growth was skippy.”

Harding planted 700 acres and will harvest only about 200 acres. “I plowed the rest under and I’m planting wheat there,” he said.

Davis usually plants about 1,000 acres, but cut back to 600 in 2018, declared 200 disastered and will harvest the remaining 400.

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