Confessions of a Hunter: Mother Nature Can Be Cruel

By Andy Anderson

In all her splendor and glory Mother Nature is certainly a majestic
term often used to describe the natural order of nature and/or the
circle life. However, there is a dark side to Mother Nature, one that
is both captivating and scary.

It was a warm afternoon in May as I was out checking fence and
feeders. I was on a ridge line looking down into a valley with a dry
creek bed when I noticed a deer running through the bottom. I stopped
the ATV and glassed the deer with my binoculars for a better look. It
was a whitetail doe, and she was tired, blowing hard. She was clearly
in distress and fatigued. She stopped, looking back, flicking her tail. I
looked back in the same direction she was to see three coyotes trotting
at a steady pace towards her. I reached for my rifle but realized I was
way out of range.

I continued to watch these coyotes working in formation, ducking
in and out of the brush and creek bottom. The doe would run around
in circles, back and forth, up and down the hills. I couldn’t figure out
what she was doing. Just as the coyotes closed the distance on her, she
bolted out of view.

The coyotes circled back around to the creek near a small clearing.
It was clear they were working an odor. Anyone who has ever seen a
dog sniff out a treat knows exactly what I am talking about. It was then
I realized they were looking for a whitetail fawn. After watching for
about 10 minutes, they found it.

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