Bobby Bain and Bodie Keeping the Old West Alive

Bobby Bain and his horse Bodie competing in a mounted shooting contest. (Photo courtesy of Bobby Bain)

By Janis Blackwell 

Bobby Bain is a familiar name and face in the North Central Texas horse world. He has trained and ridden barrel horses for years and has been the manager of the Wilbarger County Event Center (WCEC ) since its opening in 2009.

Bobby now is making a name for himself and his horse “Bodie” in a new event. This month’s Equine Superstars and Everyday Heroes features (for the first time ever) a mounted shooting horse. Like barrel racing, mounted shooting requires a lot of speed and agility from your equine partner and some courage and coordination from the rider.

However, it is quite different from any roping, barrel racing, team penning or sorting event, and forget the tranquility of peaceful pasture or trail riding.

In mounted shooting, the horse and rider explode into the arena and weave through an intricate pattern while shooting two .45 caliber pistols loaded with blanks at a series of balloons mounted on poles. The pistols are checked and blank cartridges are given to the contestants as they enter the arena, assuring that no accident happens. Easy, it is not. Boring, it is not, and quiet, it is definitely not.

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