The Legacy — Nitas Wood Bloodline

By Corsi Martin 

The cutting horse breeding industry took a blow on Oct. 4, 2018, in the form of the death of an incredible stallion and top producer in the world of cutting, Nitas Wood (Zach T Wood x Nita Quixote). After years of health complications, which caused the sire much pain at the young age of 23, Nitas Wood was laid to rest in the comfort and peacefulness of his home with Mike and Tammy Jones.

The $6 million producer sired champion after champion, providing the sport of cutting a real “run for the money.” Woody Be Lucky (aka: “Freak”) has ball parked a lifetime earning of roughly $700,000, making him the top money-earning horse that Nitas Wood has produced to date. Although quite a bit younger, Woody Be Lucky’s kid sister, Junie Wood, is following proudly in his footsteps with a lifetime earning of $525,000 and title of 2014 Horse of the Year.

The champions in the Nitas Wood family date back to 1999, when his career as a producer first began as a four-year-old.
“We only had two foals from his first crop,” said Don Crumpler of Crumpler Brother’s Cutting Horses. “Could I Wood I and Wood U Jazz came first. When we saw how great Could I was, we were excited to continue breeding him.”

Nitas Wood had an outstanding pedigree. Being a product of Zach T Wood and the Crumpler’s mare Nitas Quixote, Nitas Wood was destined for greatness. The Crumpler’s initially raised the young stallion, but later sold him.

Although the outstanding sire is no longer with us, his legacy is proudly carried on by his son, Brother Tuff Wood. Brother Tuff Wood is not only a product of the late Nitas Wood, he also has Quixote blood on both sides, which is what makes him a solid candidate for excellence.

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