Equine Superstars & Everyday Heroes : “FUN SIZE”

By Janis Blackwell

This month “ES and EH” welcomes you to the world of Welsh ponies as we look at the life of Dandardel Elmaleda known in the barn as “Emmie.” Emmie is a nine-year-old registered Welsh mare who belongs to the Hacker family of Muenster, Texas. Emmie was raised by the Orears, a prominent name in Welsh breeding. The background on Emmie’s current owners and home—Michelle Hacker determined years ago, when her son, Alex, was five years old and her daughter, Ellie, an infant, that she wanted a smaller horse than the Quarter horses she currently owned for them to ride throughout childhood. It was at that time that she began to look into the Welsh breed. She purchased one for Alex and after handling and riding her, they fell in love with the breed. That was 10 years and the purchase and birth of many Welsh ponies ago.

Michelle phased out her Quarter horses, and since then she, Ellie and Alex own, ride and show Welsh Ponies exclusively. Additionally, they now raise some of their own and have at this time 30 head on their 60-acre place known as Curyll Farms. The Hackers love how kind and gentle Welsh ponies are and how easy they are to work with.

All the Hacker ponies are registered with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society of America (WPCSA). The society’s website declares the ponies to be extremely versatile and family friendly, qualities the Hackers will attest to as well. Their competitions are designed to “promote good sportsmanship and lasting friendships.” Their website will inform you that the Welsh pony comes in a variety of sizes. The first pony Michelle purchased was one of the smaller ones since that was a desired characteristic in a pony for her children

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