The Grower – A Journey Into The Heart of Australia’s Ag Industry

By Jessica Crabtree 

In the June 2018 issue of NTFR we featured a bright young photographer from Australia, Alice Mabin. Mabin is New Zealand born, and raised on a station with cattle, sheep and deer, riding horses and tending to animals. After receiving her degree in animal science, Mabin worked on various stations until an injury to her leg resulted in a career change. That came in the form of working with the corporate company, Zoetis. Through her job, the young lady was able to travel and live in Canada, Europe and Australia. It became apparent to Mabin that the farmers and ranchers she dealt with regularly had no means of photography to properly market their livestock. An idea evolved and led Mabin to resign from her position and seek out a photography class. From there she set out to be a photographer. On her first day of unemployment, fortune, or misfortune as some may have seen it, occurred. Mabin ended up on a horse following a mob of cattle, then was struck down by a truck instigating the development of her first two books, “The Drover” and “The Driver.”

Since, Mabin has been busy. Driven by her passion to tell the story of rural Australia, Mabin has again captured the agriculture industry of Australia through images, showcasing the vast amount and lifestyle of those who inhabit it. “It is so big! I first considered a 300-page book,” Mabin said. However, to do it justice, Mabin allowed the project to grow. “It turned into 1,000 pages, so I decided to split the book in half,” Mabin explained. Thus “The Grower” produced two books, “The Grower — The Heartbeat of Australia,” and “The Grower — The Roots of Australia.”

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