On the Road with Dave Alexander

Hailey Sandoz, a talented Texas fiddler. (Courtesy photo)

By Dave Alexander 

Hello Texas Music Fans! I hear a lot of talk about Texas music in my business since that’s mostly what my business is about. I can assure you that if you ask anybody who loves Texas music, the fiddle will become part of the conversation sooner or later.

In fact, most Texans will tell you the most important thing about real Texas music is the fiddle. My friend Randy Owen, leader of the great country band Alabama, said it best with, “If you’re gonna play in Texas, you better have a fiddle in the band.”
Texans love fiddlers; they define our music. It seems, though, I’m beginning to see fewer Texas acts with a fiddler. Nashville seems to think that all you need today is two guitars and a drummer. Well, so did the Beatles. But if you’ve ever tried to play the fiddle, you’ll quickly learn that it’s not for everybody, and there’s no App for that.

Hailey Sandoz is a Texas fiddler. I met her about seven years ago after a concert where she informed me she was also a dancing fiddler. I was quite impressed but I hadn’t heard her play yet. Well, fast forward to today and you’ll find Hailey Sandoz traveling all over the country playing the fiddle. She is in demand with some of the best

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