Behind the Chutes – Thoughts from a Rodeo Wife

Logan, Conlee and Lacey Corbett. (Courtesy photo)

By Lacey Corbett

There is a common question for most women of childbearing age, and that is the question of how many kids they would like to have. I have thought about this question ever since I was a little girl, and the answer was always as many as God would like to bless me with. I think my 12-year-old self would have had a come-apart if she knew that I would be blessed with 60 kids before I was in my thirties.

As the wife of the NMSU Rodeo Team coach, I do feel a mother-like responsibility for all of the students on our team. Although I may not have given birth to them or raised them from infants, these are “my kids” while they are on our team. I get anxious thinking about the day that my own daughter goes to college, so I can imagine the emotions that parents experience leaving their “babies” at school, often hundreds or even thousands of miles from home. I hope they can rest assured knowing that I am here to help when home is so far away. Sometimes trouble strikes, and when Mom and Dad can’t make it, my husband Logan and I step in to take their temporary place.

We have showed up when students get in fender benders and don’t know who to call. We have hauled cowboys to the emergency room and have helped nurse concussions when bronc riders take too hard a hit in the practice pen. We have had many heart-to-heart conversations about how tough life can be and the best way to persevere. The students act like big brothers and sisters to our two-year-old, Conlee. Let’s not forget all those chats about what it’s like dating in college. I have learned there is nothing like a big bowl of spaghetti to help mend a broken heart and empty stomach after one of those relationships goes south.

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