AG Elsewhere : Montana

Photo and Description by Jean Stimpson

Montana rancher Jean Stimpson described this shot, “This is my daughter and her youngest daughter out sorting pairs to get ready for shipping. The youngest granddaughter is two years and 11 months, and riding a mule named ‘Jackpot.’ Her mom, Jennifer, has the lead rope and that little girl loves to ride, just like her mom and grandpa. My husband is the third generation of his family to farm and ranch in this area. I’m third generation on my dads side and I’m fifth generation on my moms side, that I know of. My great-great grandmother’s name was “Woman Who Walked In The Clouds,” A.K.A., “Among The Clouds.” Her brother was Curly, one of Custer’s scouts. Our roots run deep here. Farming and ranching is a great legacy to pass down through the ages.”