Ag Elsewhere : Montana

By Jean Stimpson 

Montana rancher Jean Stimpson and her husband Byron traded the Crow Tribe a beef to butcher for a feast, and in return received this buffalo to slaughter. Getting her as a calf, the Stimpson’s kept her and raised her. “She lived with a group of our late-calving cows and was their protector, nobody messed with her or that herd,” Stimpson said. Although she was a nuisance when it was time to move cows, standing in the gate and not letting them through. “We’d go move her so we could get the cows through the gate. We called her ‘Gooseberry,’ and she stayed in the closest two pastures always, never strayed from there but once or twice. The domestic bulls hated her or maybe were scared of her.” Gooseberry had one calf in all the years the Stimpson owned her. Unfortunately, some neighbor dogs were bothering Gooseberry one day, while protecting her calf, she accidentally stepped on the young calf, killing it. About three years ago the Stimpon’s lost Gooseberry after she laid down under a cottonwood tree by a creek and passed peacefully. Gooseberry lived with the Stimpson’s 22 years.