Meanwhile back at the Ranch…

Dr. Ron Gill, TAMU Animal Science, demonstrates proper injection sites and the safe handling of vaccines during the Clay and Montague County Beef Seminar hosted at Pullen Angus Ranch. (Photo by Bill Holcomb)

By Rayford Pullen

It finally cooled off, and we have received some much-needed rain at our place at Bellevue in North Central Texas. Cattle are looking better; the prospects of having early winter grazing from our ryegrass is good, the grass is growing, and hopefully our fellow producers will make that last cutting and avoid having to pay for all the high-priced hay being offered.

The cattle markets have not been too friendly the past couple of years, but as we have all witnessed over the years, that too shall change and hopefully for the better.

Just a thought. In my travels to the many trade shows, conventions, etc., I can tell I am talking to a non-Texan when I tell them I am from North Texas and they think I must be from around Amarillo. I then explain that while that is farther north in Texas than I am, that is the panhandle of Texas, not North Texas.

You get to North Texas before you get to the panhandle. Why do those Yankees insist upon saying they are from up-state New York as opposed to just North New York? We don’t live in up-state Texas, do we?

Back on the ranch, fall calving has been in high gear, and again we are seeing birth weights running five to six pounds lighter that we did with our spring born (in the middle of winter) calves, and while I’m not as smart as I am supposed to be, if one of you educated, smart and or intelligent folks know the reason, I would surely like to know why, so drop me a note.

With our grass being green here in September, it will really help getting our cows in shape to breed back later this fall and early winter. Breed back is all about nutrition and body condition, and around here we totally rely on our forages to provide the resource to do just that.

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