Confessions of a Hunter – Hog Calling

Hog and predator calling apps such as Hog Pro and Predator Pro are helpful when hunting. (Courtesy photo)

By Andy Anderson

Hog calling has become very popular. With the use of technology, blue tooth speakers and smart phones, calling is as real as ever. I was introduced to hog calling by Glenn Guess with Hog Zombies. Gone are the days of mouth calling and perfecting a technique. With the apps and speakers, anyone can call all kind of critters.

I bought a speaker, downloaded the apps Hog Pro and Predator Pro and set out into the woods. I set up on a creek bank that’s a known hog highway and set the speaker about 30 to 40 feet out in front of me. I started off with a few light grunts working my way through the calls over the course of an hour or so. I was really blown away at how realistic the calls are and not really paying attention to things around me. I let loose the sow/boar contact, and within a few minutes a big ole boar came busting through the brush like a freight train, not a care in the world and plenty pissed off. I was so shocked, I dropped my phone and raised my gun. About that time, he made it to the speaker and bit the dang thing. I pulled the trigger and dropped him where he stood but not before he destroyed the speaker.

I was just itching to get out and do some more calling. So, as soon as I got a new speaker, I was back in the woods. I had been scouting an area where a large sounder was seen frequently. I eased into the area on foot and got set up. This time I hung my speaker a few feet off the ground in a tree. I didn’t have any luck that night, but early the next morning I met up with one of my friends in the middle of the ranch. I was telling him about this new hog call and showed him the speaker.

I set the speaker on the roof of the pick up and started playing the coyote calls from the Predator Pro app.

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