July 2018 Profile: The Snow Sisters — Who We Are

The Snow Sisters, (left) Donna (Snow) Landers and Toni (Snow) Barksdale.

By Jessica Crabtree

The last name Snow has a new-found popularity since the airing of the hit show “Texas Flip N Move” in 2014. What some may not know is that the Snow name associated with moving houses has been around for decades. C.A. Snow originated the house moving business back in 1942. His son, H.D. Snow, entered into the business after his father fell ill. After C.A.’s passing in 1966, the company changed to H.D. Snow House Moving, Inc., and finally changed to the present H.D. Snow and Son House Moving, Inc. when H.D.’s own son Gary came aboard.

Today perhaps the best known Snows are Donna (Snow) Landers and Toni (Snow) Barksdale from the hit reality show “Texas Flip N Move.” What is more impressive than the ratings, is the years of experience behind the Snow family house moving company and the values that have been established and upheld through the multiple generations. Their daddy H.D. only had one other job in his entire life. Daughter Donna explained, “When he [Daddy] was in high school, he worked in a soda shop as what he called a ‘soda jerk.'” Laughing, Donna continued, “He said that he only lasted one day after dropping a tray of sundaes and breaking all the glass.”

As a second generation house mover, H.D. was only seven when his father went into business for himself. That allowed H.D. to experience such moves as army barracks, libraries, homes, historical buildings and much more in and throughout what is now Fort Worth. Marrying his wife Carlene, the devoted couple has been married 64 years. Together they raised their three children in Haltom City, a suburb of Fort Worth.

Living only one block from school, there were very few times the children ever missed. Memories of their childhood flood the minds of Donna and Debbie Smith’s (a high school friend and current employee) minds, such as spending summers helping their father on what they called a 4″X”4 (four-by-four) crew. Donna said, “We were cheap labor; he just had to feed us!” she laughed. Donna admitted that she, her sister Toni and brother Gary, “grew up learning the [house moving] industry. This is what we do for a living.”

That lifestyle accounts for many memories such as Donna’s first horse, “I got my first horse when Daddy traded moving a greenhouse for it,” she laughed. Learning to ride at a young age, Donna said there was no saddle in the trade, so riding bareback was the only option. “You either held on or fell off,” she finished.

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Siblings, the Snow children, Donna (Snow) Landers, Gary Snow and Toni (Snow) Barksdale.
H.D. Snow and son, Gary Snow.
Donna (Snow) Landers and her father H.D. Snow, digging a Ditch.
Donna (Snow) Landers as a young child in one of her grandfathers old pull trucks.
Donna (Snow) Landers and her truck, affectionately labeled for her by her father, H.D.