Cowboy Cuisine: The Cajun Kid — Paradise, Texas

Boudin balls. (Photo by Steve Stevens)

By Steve Stevens

If you have read my past columns, you know how fond I am of Cajun food. In the cowboy food pyramid, Cajun food is royalty.

Unfortunately, here in North Texas, it is not easy making our southeast Louisiana brothers proud of us.

Although there are a handful of good joints in North Texas, they are few and far between that send you home feeling like you can wrestle an alligator and go to sleep humming Zydeco tunes.

You have to be careful when you praise a Cajun joint, as my dear friends in swamp country could throw punches on the color of your gumbo roux.

Wouldn’t it be fitting that in a little town in Wise County named Paradise, population less than 500, there is a unique little Cajun restaurant named “The Cajun Kid.”

For me, paradise is whenever I am taken back to my time spent in Cajun country with my Cajun family, the Daleys, who taught me a little about duck hunting, crabbing, southern hospitality at its best and what authentic Cajun food is about.

The one thing I know without a doubt is the special ingredient that makes Cajun food so good is Tony Chachere’s special seasoning. Yeah, it should be put on everything, but I am talking about the love that Cajuns put into their cooking. I have never been around a culture that takes so much pride in sharing their food.

Even if it was only for an hour on a hot weekday afternoon, I was brought back to a nice relaxing drive on the Creole nature trail. The Cajun Kid offers some unique Cajun dishes that are hard to find around these parts. I started my meal with some fried boudin balls. Boudin is a sausage made from a pork-rice dressing stuffed in pork casings.

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Frog legs. (Photos by Steve Stevens)
Mama’s beignets.