Behind the Alley with Amber Manley

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By Krista Lucas 

If you follow barrel racing and other equine events, you may have noticed a bright-eyed, cheery blonde behind the scenes. “Behind The Alley” is one of western industry’s newest brands to showcase event highlights and new products from nutrition to performance. Amber Manley, the creator of Behind the Alley, gets up close and personal with some of today’s top trainers, competitors and producers, in and out of the arena.

“My long term vision is to hopefully become a show producer’s go-to on helping brand their events while mixing the contestants among the marketing side,” Manley said.

Manley calls Houston, Texas home and did not come from a rodeo background. In 2011, her husband traveled quite a bit for work, so she decided to buy a horse to start a new “little hobby”. What started out as being a scary new adventure, turned into a passion that would lead to her starting a brand new business.

“I turn a can’t into try, and I did just that,” Manley said. She started Behind the Alley, after realizing she was given an opportunity to showcase dedicated trainers who share a mutual passion for horses. Along the way, she has learned about the industry’s innovative products and supplements. Any chance to share knowledge directly from a product, to consumer and trainers, is what Behind the Alley is all about.

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