Ag Elsewhere: Montana — Hay Season in Montana

(Photo by Jean Stimpson)

By Jean Stimpson

“Haying time has begun,” Montana rancher Jean Stimpson shared. Describing this photo Stimpson said, “This is in a field close to our house that has a pivot on it so we get three cuttings a year off of it. It’s alfalfa and we get approximately three-tons per acre, per cutting.” She added the third cutting gets wrapped so it is similar to silage hay, which their cows love. “Our first cutting usually gets started from the middle to end of June. Second cutting is from end of July to first part of August. Third cutting, end of Sept. That gets swathed and one to two days later it gets wrapped. We run two swathers, two balers and two trucks to haul it to the stack. It’s all done with only four people,” Stimpson said.  The ranch also has dryland hay which they get two cuttings off of most of the time. Concluding Stimpson said, “It’s a crazy busy time, but we enjoy it.”

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