Meanwhile back at the ranch…

Photo from Pullen’s time in Bozeman, Mont., as they looked for potential herd sires. (Photo by Rayford Pullen)

By Rayford Pullen

The bi-annual solstice will be occurring June 21 this year and is expected to occur at 10:07 a.m. Hopefully it will find you spending quality time with your family and friends as this is also the day we receive the most sunlight of the entire year. With daylight saving time in effect, you’ll be maximizing your fun in the sun.

We completed our first and only round of artificial insemination of our cows in early May and then turned our bulls out to clean up the ones we missed. Our bulls will remain out until the first of August or so and then put back into the bull pasture until December when we will be cleaning up our fall calving herd after their one and only chance to be bred artificially. I mention the one and only chance because of our need to keep our calves coming as close together as possible for management and marketing purposes.

While we prefer our spring calves to be born in February and March and our fall calves to be born in September and October, we will inevitably have those that will calve in the next 30-day period.

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