Foal Season : One Tough Mother

A recent born foal at the Crumpler Ranch. (Photo by Janet Crumpler)

By Corsi Martin 

With the blooming of spring comes flowers, warm breezes, green trees, seas of bluebonnets along Texas highways, and much needed showers. These are surefire indicators of springtime in North Texas, but for some, there is no time to notice the weather because for them, spring brings something different. For most Americans, it is simply spring; for horse breeders, it is foal season.

The warm weather is just a plus.

With Mother’s Day coming up, it is important to give credit to mothers across the board. This includes the hard-working broodmares that make the equine industry all that it is today.

Although beautiful as it is when a mare is in foal, there are always risks involved, especially in Texas where weather can be so unpredictable. A simple rain, snowfall, or lightning storm can cause havoc in the pasture.

Foals are small enough upon being born that they can be easily lodged into a terrace in a heavy rain, can trip in holes and break a leg, and are perfect candidates to fall victim to inclement weather. Ranchers and breeders tend to get little to no sleep during this time of year, as they are anxiously spying on their mares and foals, making sure none of the above occur.

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