AG Elsewhere: Montana- Branding Season

(Photo by Jean Stimpson)

By Jean Stimpson 

“May is our month for branding and taking cows and bulls out to pasture,” Montana rancher’s wife Jean Stimpson said. “Branding is one of our favorite times of the year. Friends, family, food and fun. We all help each other.” Stimpson shared that branding is a social event as well as a working one, “We all get to reconnect after a long winter, catch up with each other on news and happenings, and eat.” On the Stimpson’s ranch they brand around 320 head. Stimpson herself cooks and feeds between 30 and 50 people who come to help. “We typically have 18 to 20 guys and eight to 10 women, countless kids and anyone that wants a job gets one, sometimes even if you don’t want a job you get one. The women help wrestle, give shots, brand and rope right along with the men. Kids wrestle and some rope too,” Stimpson elaborated.