Ag Elsewhere: Montana

Photo and Description by Jean Stimpson 

“June 25, 1876 was an extremely hot day for southern Montana,” said Montana native Jean Stimpson. “George Armstrong Custer and the seventh Cavalry rode into what the Indians called ‘Battle of the Greasy Grass’ or better known as ‘Custer’s Last Stand.’ This area is steeped in history, but I hadn’t gone to either of the re-enactments that had taken place in our county for many years.” Stimpson accompanied her Texas friend, Judy, to the Real Bird re-enactment near the Crow Agency. “The re-enactments are held every June close to the anniversary date of the battle. This re-enactment is hosted by the Real Bird family on their land, some of which is part of where the actual battle took place. The Battlefield itself is close by,” Stimpson explained. “The summer months in our county have numerous interesting events to watch, see or participate in. We have a great museum in Hardin, Mont. that have the original cabins which belonged to Will James, among other interesting historical buildings. Another museum in Garryowen, Mont. is the Custer Battlefield Museum. Also close is the world famous Big Horn River.” On a side note, Stimpson shared that Custer’s Crow Scout “Curly” was a brother to her great-great grandmother.