A Foal Born Into Fame

By Corsi Martin 

It’s that time of year again. Tiny little hooves are hitting the ground all over America. Foaling season is an exciting, exhilarating and exhausting time for horse breeders all over the nation. For one family in particular, the arrival of a certain foal is more anticipated than usual.

Don and Craig Crumpler, own ers and operators of Crumpler Brothers Cutting Horses, are patiently awaiting the arrival of a foal that is by “Metallic Rebel” X “Junie Wood.” For those who do not know the sport of cutting, Metallic Rebel and Junie Wood have both had the well-deserved honor of being named Horse of the Year.

Metallic Rebel was named 2017 Horse of the Year, and Junie Wood was named 2014 Horse of the Year, shortly after her victory at the NCHA Futurity with Craig Crumpler.

What’s more, this will be the only 2018 foal to be a product of the two champions.

Junie Wood was born, raised, and trained on the Crumpler ranch, but was trained solely by Craig’s son, and talented trainer, Josh Crumpler. Josh trained horses at Crumpler Brothers for years, and now trains horses for Lowrance Cutting Horses. Claiming he knew that Junie Wood was bound for greatness at the early age of two, Josh still has a soft spot for the gifted mare.

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