Meanwhile back at the ranch…

By Rayford Pullen

I’m so happy spring is here I can’t stop grinning.

Bull decisions are made this time of year that can impact our herds for the next 10 to 20 years if we retain heifers.

While bull suppliers like us focus on producing potential herd sires that are virgins, with calving ease, below average birth weight, good weaning and yearling weights, plus good carcass traits that result in a bull’s calves meeting CAB requirements down the road, most of our customers have their own criteria when selecting a new herd sire.

Our customers want a bull that is gentle, good looking and throws a live calf that will have a good weaning weight. Reading the EPDs on a bull is like reading a Chinese novel for most folks, so in our opinion, responsible breeders make sure the bulls they sell have the traits (EPDs) the customer needs for his operation. This may involve asking questions i.e. are you using him on heifers or cows or both, do you sell your calves at weaning, do you retain heifers, do you retain your calves as stockers, do you send your calves to the feedlot.

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