Cowboy Culture — Working on the Trigg

Headquarters at Dan Trigg Ranch owned by Singleton Ranches. (Photo courtesy of Clay Reid)

By Clay Reid

Back in ‘96, I was working for Singleton Ranches on the Trigg headquarters just north of Tucumcari, N.M. Me and a few local cowpunchers hired on as day workers to clean up the place as it had been neglected for quite some time. They said it wouldn’t be but a couple of weeks, but oh how wrong they were. Heck, it took that long to just get to the dang thing.

Getting there proved to be quite a chore in itself. I jumped in with Randy Simpson and Shawn Scrogum and was gonna haul out there with them in Randy’s old four-door Chevy.

The Chevy was not a problem, but the trailer proved to be a test because we barely made it to Wichita Falls when we blew out two tires on the Jacksboro Highway.

Luckily we were right by the old tire store and were able to pull in and get patched up. However, this took away a little bit more time on an already small window of getting to the ranch, as we needed to be there by morning to start.

Well, we got fixed up and was headed down the road thinking we would never see another poor day when I’ll be dang if lightning didn’t strike twice. We blew out another tire just east of Iowa Park. Here we go again. More time gone and the estimated time of arrival was getting later and later.

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