All Aboard The Equine Express

By Jessica Crabtree

Thirty-two years ago Joe McGee, wife Joan, son Greg and daughter Jackie (McGee) Alexander had an innovative idea for a service to save horse owners time and money. That service was to provide equine transportation coast to coast and nationwide.

Established as a family business and still growing today, Equine Express operates out of Pilot Point, Texas. This equine transportation service is utilized by all equine disciplines for show purposes, moving, selling, leaving the racetrack, and private transports.

Equine Express is a business that operates five big-van semis that allow room for up to 15 horses. Additionally, four gooseneck trailers are available for shorter travel. Shipping coast to coast, most long-hauls are loaded with no more than 12 head of horses per trip.

Variations within the van are a 4 foot by 9 foot stall with a wood partition chest high, enabling the horse to be cross-tied for safety. The other stall option is a 8 foot by 9 foot stall where the horse is loose in a box stall. President and son-in-law Mike Alexander stated it’s really the best way and most comfortable means of travel for the horse.

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Two horses pictured in a cross-tie stall in one of Equine Express’ big-van semis. (Photo by Equine Express)