The Daniel Family Story — A Heritage to be Proud of

At least one of the four Daniel brothers worked as a cowboy for the Waggoner Ranch continuously since 1949. (Photos courtesy of Sandy (Daniel) Hagerman)

By Jessica Crabtree 

On April 26, 2016 Sandy Daniel Hagerman took to Facebook to share her emotions on a recent life event. It was an ending of an era for her family, one that began years ago, four generations to be exact. Hagerman’s father, Bobby Daniel, retired from the ever historic Waggoner Ranch upon its highly publicized selling. Hagerman wrote a brief history of the Daniel family and long-stemming ties to the Waggoner Ranch. It went on to captivate her friends as well as make its way to local media outlets.

The Daniel family story began in Henrietta with Arthur and Lula (Goodner) Daniel. Arthur was born in 1908, Lula in 1912. The two were married 61 years, producing seven children. Arthur was a cowboy by trade, later in life working for the City of Henrietta where he retired. The couple both passed in the same year, 1992.

The Daniel family history with the Waggoner Ranch began with the couple’s eldest son, Raymond “Windy” in 1949. Windy was born in 1932, passing in 1975. He was followed by sister Alma (Daniel) Rickman in 1935, passing in 2003. Next was Loren (Cotton) Daniel in 1938. Fourth and Hagerman’s father Bobby, was born in 1942. Two sisters followed, Patsy (Daniel) Hager in 1943, passing in 1986 and Carolyn (Daniel) Lancaster in 1949. The baby of the family, a boy, was Mack Daniel, 1951 to 2015. To date, only three of the original siblings are living: Cotton, Bobby and Carolyn. As well as Windy’s wife, Louise Lee Daniel and Mack’s wife, Susan Sewell Daniel.

Passing his love of the lifestyle and living down to his family several generations deep, Hagerman said, “At one time there were eight Daniel cowboys working side by side for the mighty 3D,” as the family called it.

All four of the original Daniel boys worked for the Waggoner Ranch. The first of the Daniel’s was Windy Daniel, from 1949 to 1973. Cotton Daniel began in 1964 working until 2015. Bobby Daniel began in 1965, working until 2016. Mack Daniel started work in 1971, working until 2014. Some dates and times the men left to work other ranches, but always returned to the mighty three D.

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Arthur and Lula Daniel on their wedding day in 1931. (Photo Courtesy of Sandy (Daniel) Hagerman)
The Daniel family: Grandad Arthur, Mack, Cotton, Windy, Bobby, Deloris, Grandma Lula, Carolyn and Patsy. (Photo Courtesy of Sandy (Daniel) Hagerman)
Cowboys branding at the Waggoner Ranch. (Photo courtesy of Sandy (Daniel) Hagerman)
Windy Daniel as a young man. (Photo courtesy of Sandy (Daniel) Hagerman)