On the Road with Dave Alexander – Carin Mari

Country singer originally from Colorado, Carin Mari. (Courtesy photo)

By Dave Alexander

Two years ago while, making my annual trek to the Fort Worth Stock Show, I took time to enjoy a little cowboy shopping. Happily, I found what has become my favorite outfitter. “Schaefer Outfitters” has absolutely everything a ranchman could ask for when it comes to clothing. This story doesn’t stop here. In fact, this is just beginning.

While discovering everything a cowboy could desire in apparel, I soon learned that the young lady leading me through all my favorite fashions was also a singer—not just any singer but a “Cowgirl Singer.” “Nice,” I thought, as I continued to fill my shopping bag. Little did I know that I had just met the next major player in the western music industry.

Please welcome Carin Mari. This young beauty hails from the great state of Colorado, and is now making her mark on the western and country music business.

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