Equine Superstars & Everyday Heroes

By Janis Blackwell 

The family jewel indeed. This month’s article features “Jewels Eye,” owned by the Wallace family of Justin and primarily ridden by Lindsey Wallace who recently won the Ultimate Cowgirl Contest on Jewel. Jewel is a 14-year-old granddaughter of “Colonel Freckles” trained by Jess Elrod, well known American Quarter Horse Association trainer. Elrod had her trained to rope both ends in the team roping, and his wife had started her on the barrels when Mark Wallace bought her.

“She’s about 15 feet, 2 inches, and a big stout girl who gets along with everybody and does not get outrun,” said Lindsey.
The Wallaces have owned her for about eight years. Although technically owned by Lindsey’s father-in-law, Mark, Lindsey has been the main one to ride her for the last five years. Mark actually bought Jewel to be his team roping horse, but when Lindsey came into the family a few years back, she needed a horse to team rope on, and Mark graciously allowed her to use Jewel.

The two hit it off so well that for the last five years Lindsey has pretty much been her exclusive rider.
She and Jewel have been a match made in heaven. Lindsey grew up in East Texas in a rodeo family, riding and rodeoing from the time she was just a little girl. Not only did Lindsey get a great mount, Jewel got an accomplished and talented rider.

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